Susan Pantuso is an award winning fine art photographer living in south Florida. She is very passionate about photography and has an innate desire to explore and capture the beauty that is revealed in nature.  Her work is less about camera settings, equipment, technique, or style and more about vision, connection, and a natural intuition of interpreting the subject.  “It’s not just a matter of seeing; it’s a feeling of connection, a spiritual connection of taking notice of things that may have otherwise been overlooked,” she says. Being able to do that is not only a blessing, but also a gift. She uses God’s creations as her inspiration and seeks opportunities that speak to her personally in the hopes that it will inspire and resonate with others on a deeper level. She says, “If I can move and stir the emotions of the viewer, my goal has been accomplished.”

Her work includes nature, landscape, infrared, black and white, and macro. 


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